A Fairy Post?

piratefairyDear Josh,

You may wonder why on earth I would blog to you about Disney Fairies and you’d be justified in your question.  I was made fun of the other day for keeping up with the Peter Pan spinoff TinkerBell straight to DVD series… but alas, I’ve reached a moment that even crosses your interests.  As you may already know, the TinkerBell movies take place in Pixie Hollow prior to the events of Peter Pan in Neverland.  Well, we’re starting to bridge the gap between the two stories in The Pirate Fairy – the latest installment in the series.  This time, Christina Hendricks will be voicing a filthy pirate hooker fairy called Zarina.  Ok, she’s probably not a hooker – but hey, Director’s Cut!  If you’ll notice the image to the left, there is a gentleman in the background with a very familiar haircut – though you may not recognize him with both hands still attached.  That’s right!  And if you watch the trailer (linked in the pic), you may recognize his voice as well!  It’s the God of Mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston!  You know I’m excited.  Maybe you’ll meet me halfway on this one?  lawl.

– Greg


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