Doctor Strange Actor Is Finally ‘locked Down!

cumberbatchDear Josh,

After weeks of rumored actors from Colin Farrell to Keanu Reeves, there’s finally confirmation on who’s playing Stephen Strange!  Our own favorite Baker Street resident, Engelbert Humperdinck!  No… wait.  Naturally, I was initially excited when Colin Farrell was rumored to be attached to the project (for obvious Irish / dreamy reasons) but I didn’t really see him as Doctor Strange.  I’m not 100% on Benedict Cumberbatch either, but as far as I’m concerned, that man could play a foot and I’d pay to see it.  And we both know that Keanu would have just been like “Whoa… I know magic kung fu.”  Anyway, I am excited!  I’m gonna go out and photoshop some grey-hair streaks onto pictures of Khan now…

– Greg


Cars 3 would be Incredible 2!

Incredible carsDear Josh,

That’s right!  Bob Iger said today that The Incredibles is going to get the sequel that every Pixar fan has been waiting for!  I couldn’t be more excited than if they were also announcing that the Cars franchise is going to be joining the Trilogy ranks.  Oh wait.  They did say that too!  KACHOW!  After the “Planes 2: Fire and Rescue” release coming up this summer, we’re gonna need some more “World of Cars” action and we’re going to get it… eventually… at some point.  No details as far as I’ve seen as release date or any of that, but hey I’ll take an announcement of an addition to one of my favorite franchises any day.  I liked Cars 2, but I wanna LOVE Cars 3.  Please and Thank You.

– Greg

A Fairy Post?

piratefairyDear Josh,

You may wonder why on earth I would blog to you about Disney Fairies and you’d be justified in your question.  I was made fun of the other day for keeping up with the Peter Pan spinoff TinkerBell straight to DVD series… but alas, I’ve reached a moment that even crosses your interests.  As you may already know, the TinkerBell movies take place in Pixie Hollow prior to the events of Peter Pan in Neverland.  Well, we’re starting to bridge the gap between the two stories in The Pirate Fairy – the latest installment in the series.  This time, Christina Hendricks will be voicing a filthy pirate hooker fairy called Zarina.  Ok, she’s probably not a hooker – but hey, Director’s Cut!  If you’ll notice the image to the left, there is a gentleman in the background with a very familiar haircut – though you may not recognize him with both hands still attached.  That’s right!  And if you watch the trailer (linked in the pic), you may recognize his voice as well!  It’s the God of Mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston!  You know I’m excited.  Maybe you’ll meet me halfway on this one?  lawl.

– Greg

Holy Childhood Nightmares, Batman!

stories-to-tellDear Josh,

This post couldn’t have anything less to do with Batman than if I’d mentioned him by name twice already!  Is that how that works?  Oh, grammar.  Anywhoodle.  Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark is being made into a movie by CBS Films!  Like I said, “Holy Childhood Abuse” – no, that’s not right.  Remember, kids: Repression always rears it’s ugly head when you least expect it!  Not sure how they’re going to string these stories together, but it’s about kids facing their fears or something.  So maybe they’ll literally be telling each other these stories.  If I had my wish (which happens so very often) the stories would be cut-scenes to visuals based on the original artwork and not the lame crap we have now.  If it’s any good, that would be amazing… but statistically-speaking, it’s gonna look like the Goosebumps series… le sigh…

– Greg

Dominic, Toby, & Ben… Oh My!

world-of-warcraftDear Josh,

As the news was released while you were not at work, I assume you know this.  But on the off-chance you weren’t made aware, I will fulfill my duty to inform you that some of the confirmed cast for the Warcraft movie has been announced.  I have no idea what roles they’d each be playing, but I hope at least three of them play in their own guise as dreamy badass humans or night elves.  I’m of course referring to Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark), Toby Kebbell (that one guy in at least 4 movies that I liked him in – who now has a name / congrats!), & Ben Foster (Warren Worthington III – some people like to pretend X3 didn’t happen.  I’m not one of those people. #purists  But Hey!  #alphadog).  These guys are confirmed, which is awesome.  But the rumor mill has been churning names like Paul Dano, Anton Yelchin, & (if there ever was a Jesus) Colin Farrell.  Stay tuned or something!

– Greg

Walk 732 Miles, Your Destination Is On The Right

GoogleMiddleEarth590Dear Josh,

So, as you may have already seen, You can now Google Maps Middle Earth via a quite brilliant Chrome extension on this site’s interface.  It doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet as to maybe leave room to unlock more features later?  I don’t care enough about most things to do actual research.  Anywhoodle, probably the coolest thing it does outside of have a stunning view of the Middle-Earth Map is that it uses 3D versions of film clips to represent what would be “Street View!”  It’s range is pretty limited, but it’s potential is pretty damn magical!  So, if you haven’t checked it out I strongly advise you do so.  As may may already realize any and all posts I make for the next 3 weeks will most likely be Hobbit-related.  “Smaug!”

– Greg

Gregolas Votes Nay

smaugDear Josh,

So, I’m noticing a lot of prizes and trophies that are being awarded IRL aren’t really real life prizes and trophies.  There’s a lot of “Firstoos” being awarded instead.   That’s what I’m going to start calling them anyway.  Here’s the latest that [doesn’t] pertain to us and why it may or may not be worth it [to other people].  Regal’s $20 Super Ticket Add-on.  Twenty bucks in addition to the price of your Smaug ticket (so $35 the way we’re gonna roll) gets Your Smaug Ticket (no shit), be the FIRST TO get an HD Digital Copy of Smaug 4 Days before those saps who don’t buy this “Super Ticket,” an SD copy of The Hobbit (boo, you whore!  Why don’t we just throw away our Blu-Rays & watch the movie on a tube tv?!), and a chance to go to New Zealand.  I’m sorry, what?  Yeah, cause we have that kind of luck.  So… here’s a link to a different  FREE contest for some Smaug / Hobbit Swag.

– Greg

p.s.  If you’re so inclined to drop the cash on the Regal Super Ticket Sweeps, click on the picture and waste your money.  🙂